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    Trading with crypto requires users to sign up on an exchange so that they can buy or sell their preferred cryptos. But, have you thought about where you will store these purchased cryptos? Well, just like you need a wallet to keep your money, you need a crypto wallet to keep your crypto money. And, that’s where the 𝔈x𝕠dus l๏gin comes into the picture.

    Speaking about this wallet service, we can say that this wallet is by far the easiest wallet to use and get started with. On this wallet, one can store an array of tokens and get the advantage of a wide range of services available on this exchange. However, one needs to be equipped with the details on getting started with this wallet by login to 𝔈x𝕠dus l๏gin.

    So, by the end of the topic, you will be familiar with a lot of topics regarding the usage of this wallet service along with the method to get started.


    • One can easily keep a record of everyday profit and losses in a single place
    • Offers support for an assortment of cryptocurrencies
    • Comes with a highly user-friendly interface
    • Exodus wallet also features auto-adjusting fee
    • In case a user ever finds himself in a trouble, he/she can seek help from efficient customer service

    Users can easily use this crypto wallet service anonymously as it is integrated with ShapeShift which allows users to trade with it without having to reveal their identity


    • One of the major downsides of this service is that it can be easily hacked
    • In addition to this, it also lacks on the security side which means your funds may be at risk
    • Apart from this, it also does not allow users to undergo crypto-to-fiat transactions


    Being an exodus wallet user gives you a variety of benefits to choose from. Since one should use a wallet service only after reviewing the pros and cons, therefore we have listed the complete details of exodus wallet including the pros and cons of this service